I see Liz once a month for an East/West that Liz divided to keep chronic back pain at bay...wonderful! I added Anna to my schedule and absolutely zoned out...so relaxing and seeing her in combination with Liz, will keep me playing golf, kayaking, traveling, and all the other fun activities that are part of active retirement. Thank you, thank you to both of you!
— LuLu
It was something brand new for me and Anna put me at ease from the beginning. She explained things well and answered my questions fully. It was a positive and renewing experience.
— Jonathan E
It felt amazing, my therapist (Anna) was responsive to my needs, the music was good and the room was warm
— Ada T
I came into the facility to look for a little relief and left out feeling a whole lot better then I’ve felt in months. Anna really, truly did wonders for the aching body. I will forever be grateful. Thanks
— Vanessa D
I’m so glad I found Liz, she has done wonders for me! I’ve had thai massage and cupping- both are amazing but my favorite is cupping. It’s so relaxing and totally different than massage. I feel like a new person every time I leave there!
— Danielle
Just finished my first balance yoga class with Liz, she is awsome and the class really helps me relax and releases my stress I will keep continually come back.
— Rita
Anna was really personable and knowledgeable
— Gloria M
Liz is excellent. She is educational and attentive. Can’t wait to see her again.
— Elizabeth
I had my first Thai massage with Liz and it was outstanding! That night I slept for 13 hours and felt so relaxed for days after. I was very happy with the entire experience and can’t wait to try the cupping services she offers. You owe it to yourself to visit Liz and try something new!!!
— Janet
I was lucky enough to find Liz on a google search and I do glad I did!!! She has helped work out the kinks in the legs and back from running half marathons!! She has been my savior and I would recommend her to anyone!!!
— Night Phoenix
I love Thai massage and Liz is amazing! I felt she listened to any health concerns I may have had and she truly gave me 90mins of a perfect Thai massage. I highly recommend her!
— Heather
Very nice and just love the overall atmosphere
— Kattya M
I loved my session I haven’t felt this fluid in a while!
— Robert D
Anna has a keen sense of body healing energy. She knew just how far to push me. My 2 sessions were extremely healing.
— Jeff B
The Thai Massage that I had with Liz was wonderful! I was still feeling the effects the following day. My massage was very thorough. I really enjoyed the herbal compresses. The moist heat and properties of the herbs in the compresses added to the effectiveness of the massage. I would definitely recommend her! I plan to return in the future!
Today I had the pleasure of meeting and receiving a cupping massage from Elizabeth. First time and I didn’t know what to expect. She explained everything. It was incredible. Next time I will be booking a 90 minute massage. 10/06/2017
— Kiki
Liz’s caring demeanor and skill combine to offer true healing support!
— Debbie