Bumps in the Road, 34 days to go...

Of course there are bumps in the road. How could there not be bumps when I am flying 1/2 way around the world.

So, this morning, I got a call at 8am. The caller ID said, “Washing DC”. I took a wild guess, the Royal Thai Embassy was on the line.

It seems they do not like my money order. I apparently filled it out wrong, or actually, did not fill in the date. I asked the teller when I bought it how to fill it out, he did not know! I took a good guess cause it looks like a check. There is a line to sign my name and a line for my address and a line for the payee. All obvious. Then, there was this bothersome line at the top. Just a blank line. That’s where the date would go on a check, but no indication as to the use of this line. No small letters next to or beneath it. Just a blank line. I left it blank. Nope, it was supposed to have a date on it!

OK, so bottom line, the Royal Thai Embassy does not like it, they asked for a new one. OK, got my lunch hour itinerary: 1. bank, 2. ask how to fill a money order out 3. don’t chew the helpful bank people out! 4. post office.


Sabai Sabai

It’s all good. I can re-deposit the other money order when the Embassy returns it with my visa. It’s just another overnight letter to DC.

The really good news is, nothing else is needed for the visa! I filled out the application correctly! I attached all the correct documents! They don’t need any other documentation, things that might be hard to get than another money order! Which means it will be on it’s way to me soon.

Sabai Sabai

I am learning lessons from Thailand already. Take a breathe, smile, be patient, ask for help and just try again. It’s all good

Sabai dee kha!

I even get to practice my Thai :)

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