52 Days, the doldrums


Waiting... and counting down...


52 days till I fly 1/2 way around the world for a month!

I'm just about ready. I have my list of items to pack, some are in the suitcase or carry-on already. I have just a few more things to order, like a power pack for re-charging my cell phone & Chromebook on the plane. Of course, there will be all those last minute things, like packing a sandwich and taking a shower right before I leave... but now... waiting... and counting down...

I've read tons of blog posts about international travel and how to survive long-haul plane flights. I have my eye cover & noise canceling earbuds, I even have my place outfit picked out (I think - there may be changes ...). I have to download a few books and a movie before, but I have those in my ques. 

I've read tons of blog posts on places to visit in Chiang Mai. Coffee shops and cooking schools and day adventures at a tea plantation... I've starred those places in google maps. I've starred the places I am staying too. I've also printed the addresses (in English & Thai) and have those in my carry-on. My mom has copies of my itineraries and stuff too. 

I've gotten my vaccines, I'm good to go...  I have Advil and toothpaste, I have a shampoo bar and ponytail holders. I have a notebook & pencils. I have tennis shoes and new pants. I have a linen top & sunscreen, bug spray, gum, hard candies, floss, lip balm, nail file & those small kleenex packs (good for emergency tp). I even threw in an old pair of prescription glasses cause I'm really nearsighted! and a Thai phrasebook

Now the waiting...

I have plenty to keep me busy! My business is going well and I'm busy! I am updating my website - check it out! nice huh?! The general life stuff is all there to keep me occupied: laundry, dinner, the usual stuff of life.


The eagerness, the anticipation! the excitement! It's scary and I just can't wait to get on that plane!!

Only 52 more days :)