Getting closer to my go date. I made an appointment with Passport Health.


The subject of vaccines comes up in conversation , especially with my mom. She wants me to be safe and healthy. I do too. One of my international traveling friends tells me about vaccines every time we meet. She is big into vaccines and has almost all you can get. She has also traveled many places... including India. She did recommend a travel vaccination clinic. So I booked an appointment and went in this morning. I ended up with 2 shots and a pack of pills.

I did not want to spend a fortune on vaccines. I also did not want to have a lifelong illness to deal with as a souvenir! I knew I needed to update tetanus, and I think that is a good one. Who wants lockjaw?! I garden and do home improvements... it makes sense to me. Also, I am worried about food born stuff cause I plan on eating a lot of Thai street food. Yum Yum. But yellow fever? what about Dengue? or chikungunya? I hear those are painful and debilitating. I have also heard that dengue has been bad in Chiang Mai this year. But there are not vaccines for either - just mosquito prevention techniques. 

No vaccines are required for entry into Thailand - unless you are traveling from a yellow fever area, then that is required. So good to go really but what precautions can I take? We talked about food and water contamination: boil it, peel it or forget it is their mantra. Water filtration? Get one of these filter bottles. Take this pack containing all manner of things for travelers tummy issues: Imodium, hydration salts and some big antibiotic if you get some nasty intestinal stuff. OK, but what about eating street food? and cooking classes? So I got Hep A to go with my already Hep B. I also got a series of pills for typhoid. Done. Covered my bases for intestinal yuck. 

Now I plan on wearing long sleeve linen shirts to keep mosquitoes at bay and also for the sun and heat. I plan on making a lotion bar with all the essential oils to combat mosquitoes too, and I may throw in some nasty 30% DEET just in case... I think I'm good

PS The Typhoid pills are fine. I wondered if I would be the 2-5% who get side effects like nausia and abdominal pain but nope. So far so good.

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