Temples and dragon fruit

My first day roaming Chiang Mai. I set out for the fruit market and then kept walking. I had a rough idea to go into the city to see a few temples. My guesthouse host suggested I go to the old city and then come back by 5 to see the Saturday market. OK, I took her suggestion. Another guest waved goodbye and said. "Have fun getting lost!" 

Lost and found and lost again. Walking in the wrong direction... but got to my destination all the same, with sights, sounds and oh yeah, smells to talk about.

The fruit market was beautiful. Mangoes, papaya, dragon fruit, limes and so many more. Heaps of whole fruits, bags of cut fruit, dried fruit, yum. The fish market, well smelly is one word. I got splashed by a flopping fish, walked quickly past other stuff and didn’t look to close at most of it...

I took a look at the map and aimed for the walled city. I took a circuitous route...

Wat Chiang Man was my favorite out of the 3 temples I visited today. The Wat Chiang Man is the oldest temple in Chiang Mai and goes back all the way to the founding of the city in 1296.

When King Mengrai decided to build a new city and make it the new capital of the Lanna Kingdom, he build the Wat Chiang Man as the first temple of the new city on the site he used to supervise the construction of Chiang Mai. 

Like in most wats, the oldest structure is the chedi. The chedi named Chang Lom Chedi or Elephant Chedi sits on a square base supporting a second level of grey stone that is surrounded by 15 elephants that seem to emerge from it. That’s me in front of the chedi! I loved the elephants standing watch. This place is full of atmosphere and maybe because it was the first Wat I vsited, it sticks in my heart.

Wat Chedi Laung is beautiful and impressive. Wat Phantao is lovely with the teak and gilded trim. There are so Many Wats, The more I walked, the more I stumbled across. I found the silver one (Wat Muen San) last might at the Saturday night Bazaar! I visit again and send you pictures.

My heart is full, my feet are tired and I am already in love with this city. I feel so blessed to be here.

Thank you

Khup kun kha