Thai massage is my passion


As a body-worker, a yoga practitioner and teacher, I met my soul mate in Thai massage. The first time I experienced a Thai massage, I walked away on a cloud. My body felt light yet completely grounded; my mind felt at ease, yet not fuzzy or sleepy; my spirit was at peace. I have since come to understand why Thai massage can have such a powerful impact and I wish to offer that to all my clients. Thai massage in combination with authentic Thai medical theory (which is rich, robust and completely separate from Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine) works to bring balance to all layers of the body, mind and spirit, from the upper most layer of skin to the deepest organ level. 

Embedded deep within Thai culture and rooted in Buddhism, Thai healing arts offers a vastly different approach to health and healing from our Western counterparts. Thai healing arts aims to balance our current elemental constitution, create a state of calm in body, mind and spirit, to re-align the body's structures, to treat sen or channels, to release blockages from sen and release stagnation, to move and balance wind, to clean blood, lymph and tissues and to treat the organs. With deep Buddhist roots, we practice while knowing that imbalance is natural and a perfect state of health, like everything, is impermanent. Our imbalances result from seasonal changes, times of day, what food we eat,  a thunderstorm ... and life's daily struggles and large challenges.

Come try Thai massage and let's work together to nudge ourselves back toward balance.