How to find the right massage therapist for you.

What is your favorite massage style?

I often am asked about my favorite massage style. The fact is, I enjoy most bodywork styles! Who doesn't like a good firm flowing Swedish when relaxation is the therapy you need?! Sometimes I like deeper work like structural integration or deep tissue: sweet relief to painful areas. I always love foot reflexology! Ah, refreshed feet! I may be biased... but Thai massage is really my all time, go to, favorite-est massage style (more on that later). AND, to me, it's all good. It comes down to the therapist and the style I need at that particular moment.

  • Do you feel comfortable with your therapist?
  • Does he or she listen to your needs? and customize your massage?
  • Does your therapist take time or have the time to spend with you?

Some studios just don't allow much time with clients and that's too bad. It is just the way the popular “55 minute” franchise-studio massage is built into hour massage appointments: 50 minutes bodywork time and 5 minutes to talk and 5 to clean up for the therapist's next client. I understand – I've been a client and a therapist at those places too. I have worked at franchise studios, independent studios, a spa-like setting and my independent office. All have pros and cons for you as a client and for the therapist too. 

I offer a small boutique studio where I take time to listen to you and customize your massage. I offer a variety of styles and all my massages are the full time, your time, every time!

What do you want in your massage? You pay good money for your bodywork. It should meet your needs.