Couples Therapeutic Massage Class

couples Massage Class

I'll teach you how to give a therapeutic massage to your partner!

  • Do you love massage and wish your partner was better at massaging your feet or sore shoulders?
  • Do you enjoy giving massage and want to learn to be more effective?
  • Are your techniques fine but find your hands hurting?

Massage Training Class for 2 people,  2 hour teaching and hands-on practice session:

  • We will target your areas of concern - shoulders, low back, arms and legs, face and scalp, so I can begin to tailor a base 30 minute routine for your partner. 
  • I will teach basic massage skills that allow you to be effective in reducing tension and easing pain in your partner with 4 Swedish techniques, effleurage, petrissage, tapotment and friction.
  • We will focus on working ergonomics that  keep YOU safe and pain free. We will discuss your massage environment, your stance along with wrist and hand safety.
  • We will discuss the basic equipment you need, from tables to massage lotions and oils and you can purchase the equipment and what to avoid.

You will both gain the knowledge to give your partner an effective massage while saving your hands and back! 

$175 includes:

  • 2 people
  • 2 hours
  • Tea, fun and laughter too!
  • Basic massage knowledgeand less tension ( you will both receive massage!)
  • A beginner tool kit featuring: Basic Massage technique booklet, lotion or oil and a holster to hold your lotion like a pro.